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Operative news
Unusual chocolate from Dehli Operative news

The State Customs Committee continues to undertake rapid measures to prevent illigal circulation of narcotic drugs in the Republic of Uzbekistan by smuggling.


The hidden circulation of "Marihuana" was exposed Operative news

The State Customs Committee's Department of Combating smuggling and Customs Legislation in conjunction with the law enforcement agencies held an emergency event on the illicit trafficking of narcotic substances.


The "gold swallower's" flight was postponed Operative news

Customs officers of Tashkent International Airport stopped the person trying to smuggle gold scraps.


"Love Letters" didn't get their destination Operative news

Customs officers provide economic security of the country as well as they do not allow the withdrawal of our cultural treasures abroad.


The "marijuana" taken to Istanbul won't get anyone Operative news

Customs officers of Tashkent International Airport stopped the offender attempting to transport a marijuana.


"Opium", hidden as chocolate bar, was disclosed Operative news

The State Customs Committee's department of Combating smuggling and Customs Law in cooperation with the State Security Service employees interrupted drug trafficking through Tashkent International Airport.


The "opium" hidden in Cobalt was exposed Operative news

Illegal production,storage, distribution and other illegal actions with drugs or psychotropic substances in our country is considered as a crime.


Drug traffickers were disclosed Operative news

The Andijan Region customs authorities have been effectively fighting illegal drug trafficking, distributing and smuggling.


509 grams of gold jewelry were confiscated at customs post Operative news

The State Customs Committee continues to take measures to counteract the illegal export of gold and jewelry through the customs border.


Customs officers revealed psychotropic tablets and heroin hidden underwear Operative news

The import of psychotropic medicines for personal use by individuals is allowed in the presence of the documents provided by the medical institution of the country of residence or stay with the recommended course of treatment in it.


Illegal importation of psychotropic substances were stopped Operative news

Employees of the Tashkent International Airport border customs post have detected illegal import of psychotropic drugs, which are banned from entering our country, and blocked illegal activities.


Illegal goods circulation worth 265 million soums was halted in Namangan Operative news

Illegal turnover of commodity assets has been halted during an operational event, which was carried out by Anti-smuggling of Namangan Region in collaboration with other law enforcement officials.


Customs officers detained young men trying to sell the lion's children for $ 6,000 Operative news

Anti-Smuggling and Counteraction to Customs violations Department of the State Customs Committee detained citizens, trying to sell animals illegally, during the breaking operation in the Shaykhantakhur district of Tashkent.


No matter how well it was hidden, it didn't work anyway. Operative news

According to established legislation,65 grams of the imported jewelry made of precious metals and stones is not obligatory to customs clearance, but the excess of this norm must be clarified in the passenger customs declaration.


Drugs of unknown quality were confiscated Operative news

The procedure for importing medicines and medical equipment into the country has been clearly defined by a number of laws, and being spread in the media repeatedly, howerver some cases of violations of these procedures by citizens are still being monitored by the customs service.


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