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Operative news
Customs officers detained drug trafficker at a cafe in Bulungur Operative news

Customs officers fight against the illicit trafficking of drugs systematically.


Illegally stored marijuana were discovered by customs officers Operative news

The customs authorities systematically combat illigal drug trafficking.


Drones that “flew” from abroad “landed” at the airport Operative news

Customs authorities are systematically combating violations of customs legislation.


Unlimited celebration of a "brand new" Audi is over Operative news

Customs officers are systematically fighting against customs offenses


Growing marijuana cost too much Operative news

The Anti-Smuggling and Customs Offenses department of Andijan Region customs administration jointly with the regional Department of internal affairs carried out a large-scale operation to detect drug smuggling.


Medicines of unidentified quality for about 216 million soums were seized during a customs inspection Operative news

Customs authorities are actively involved in the fight against illicit trafficking of medicines in the republic.


Customs officers seized non licensed hunting weapon and 2 kg. 200 gr. of hidden poppy. Operative news

The State Customs Committee's department for Combating Smuggling has uncovered another case of illicit trafficking of weapons and drugs.


At first sight the trailer was empty but ... Operative news

In Kashkadarya region, customs officers continue to work with law enforcement agencies to prevent the smuggling of non-ferrous metals from the territory of our country.


Customs officers seized more than 3.7 kg of marijuana in the city of Almalyk Operative news

The fight against smuggling of narcotic, psychotropic and potent substances, as well as their analogues and precursors, is one of the priority tasks of the State Customs Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


The poppy hidden in Volkswagen has been stopped Operative news

Today, there are still a number of factors that pose a threat to the future of humanity all over the world. One of these risks is the drug scourge.


The drug traders were arrested Operative news

During an operational actions of customs officers, the drug traders was siezed.


The illegal import of 22 thousand units of medicines was stopped Operative news

Customs officers continue to take measures to combat violations related to the illegal import of drugs and medicines of unknown quality into our country.


A citizen who tried to smuggle about half a kilogram of gold in his body was detained Operative news

Customs officers are effectively combating the illegal movement of precious metals and jewelry across the customs borders of Uzbekistan.


Drugs worth more than 1 billion soums were withdrawn from illicit trafficking. Operative news

Customs officers regularly take measures to combat offenses related to the illegal importation of drugs and medicines of unknown quality into the territory of Uzbekistan.


Medicines of unknown quality for more than 132 million soums were seized Operative news

In spite of the fact that there are rules and norms for the importation and exportation of drugs and medical supplies through customs border, some offenses are being committed in order to gain profits.


Operational event held to prevent illegal drug trafficking in Bukhara Operative news

Customs authorities continue to fight against drug trafficking


An attempt to sell drugs has been prevented in Samarkand Operative news

Recently, a joint operational event was held by employees of the Anti-Smuggling and Customs Offenses Department of the SCC in the Samarkad Region and the Department of Internal Affairs of Kattakurgan city.


More than 2 kilograms of narcotics were hidden in Hyundai Getz Operative news

Customs officers are systematically fighting the illicit trafficking of narcotic substances.


Unusual fruit trees. Operative news

Customs officers have discovered "drug trees".


Drug courier has been stopped Operative news

Customs officers are effectively fighting against drug dealers and illicit trafficking of drugs.


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