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Customs officers confiscated 232 million soums worth of drugs hidden in ISUZU Operative news

Customs authorities are systematically combating customs violation cases.


Hashish found in wallet Operative news

Illegal importation, as well as trafficking in narcotic substances are strictly prohibited and entail criminal liability. However, the facts of the commission of such offenses are still being revealed.


The Сustoms committee and the State Security Service officers detained a citizen who tried to take out over 516 thousand US dollars illegally. Operative news

The department for Combating smuggling and customs violations of the State Customs Committee, together with law enforcement officers from the State Security Service, prevented the illegal circulation of cash foreign currency.


Carried a large bag and looked around wary: in Bekabad district, smuggling of vedicines was stopped Operative news

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of drugs for many people. Someone takes medication periodically due to a malaise or a cold. Others literally depend on drugs, because with the help of medicines they maintain their health. But, unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of these needs and commit illegal actions in order to make a profit, forgetting that as a result of non-compliance with the elementary rules of their transportation, instead of treatment, drugs can cause irreparable harm to human health.



Customs officers detained the man who tied up about 2 kilos of hashish on his body Operative news

Recently, at the "Andarkhan" border customs post of the Customs Administration of Ferghana region, it was revealed a case of attempting to smuggle large amount of drugs.


2019-2020 WCO-Japan Career Development Programme Commences News of international cooperation

The 2019-2020 WCO-Japan Career Development Programme commenced in Brussels at WCO Headquarters on Monday 16 September 2019. The Programme was launched in 2009 by the WCO in cooperation with Japan Customs and provides an opportunity for selected candidates to work at the WCO Secretariat.


The export potential of Surkhandarya region is increasing permanently

Today, the country is carrying out reforms to create favorable conditions for the comprehensive and rapid development of the state and society, to modernize the country and liberalize all spheres.


Almost a half of a kilogram of gold jewelry was discovered by customs officers among the clothes of a citizen who arrived from abroad Operative news

Customs officers are conducting an effective fight against the illegal movement of precious metals and jewelry across the customs borders of our state.


Illegal trafficking of drugs have been stopped Operative news

Customs authorities are effectively fighting against illicit drug trafficking.


Surkhandarya customs officers suppressed another attempt of illegal movement of cultural property Operative news

The other day, officials of the border customs post “Ayritom” of Surkhandarya regional administration suppressed another fact of illegal transportation of unique historical and cultural values.


Customs officers detained drug trafficker at a cafe in Bulungur Operative news

Customs officers fight against the illicit trafficking of drugs systematically.


Modern radiation monitoring devices given by foreign partners were installed in "Ayritom" border customs post

During the official visit of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to the United States of America in May 2018, the Joint Statement of the Heads of State “Uzbekistan and the United States of America: the beginning of a new era of strategic partnership” was adopted.


Do you know the production of which goods in the Republic of Uzbekistan are most beneficial for your business?

To date, in order to further improve the well-being of our people, the President of the state pays special attention to supporting local producers and providing the population with quality and environmentally friendly products.


How much time does it take for customs clearence? View results for August month. Technologies

Get acquainted with the information as of August 2019 on the monthly total on the time spent for customs clearance of exports and imports of goods and vehicles by participants of foreign economic activity.


Illegally stored marijuana were discovered by customs officers Operative news

The customs authorities systematically combat illigal drug trafficking.


“Forever prosper, my dear Uzbekistan!” Meetings and seminars

On August 30, 2019, the State Customs Committee held a solemn event dedicated to the 28th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


How much time does it take to customs clearance of goods at customs posts? View the results for JULY. Technologies

Starting from 2019, information about the monthly total on the time spent on customs processing of export and import of goods and vehicles by participants of foreign economic activity at customs posts began to be published on the official website of the State Customs Committee. Thus, below you can find the information for July 2019.


The new edition of the Customs Code is under public discussion. Customs committee gives clarifications Reports and speeches

Large-scale reforms implemented in our country in all spheres by the President Shavkat Mirziyoev, contribute to the further growth of the economic power of the republic and the welfare of its people.


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