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Customs officers revealed psychotropic tablets and heroin hidden underwear
The import of psychotropic medicines for personal use by individuals is allowed in the presence of the documents provided by the medical institution of the country of residence or stay with the recommended course of treatment in it.
Customs officers revealed psychotropic tablets and heroin hidden underwear
Particularly, employees of the Tashkent-AERO special customs complex anti-smuggling and couonteraction to customs violations, revealed the grave crimes committed by a resident G.A. who came from Delhi.

This person was stopped by customs officers when crossing the "green" corridor and attempting to carry 100 "Clonazepam" tablets secretly. It also revealed that there were 190 non-assayed medicines and 177 cosmetics and hygiene products that were not declared orally.

It was found out that there were psychotropic drugs in one of the postings sent from foreign states at the customs post of Foreign Economic Activity "General Post Office" of the Tashkent city Customs administration. There were 
100 "Brotizolam" tablets, sent for citizen B.N., which were not declared in the customs declaration. However, according to the current legislation, the circulation of this type of tablets is limited in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

A citizen of a neighboring state, who attempted to import not only psychotropic drugs but also heroin, was stopped at the Gishtkuprik customs post of Tashkent region administration. There were 149 "Tramadol" psychotropic drugs among the medicines that the person brought with him.

Then, this person was inspected with the participation of witnesses, and one polyethylene pack hidden between his underwear was found. More than 24 grams of heroin, according to experts, were the content of that pack.

Currently customs investigations are under way.


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