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Unlimited celebration of a "brand new" Audi is over
Customs officers are systematically fighting against customs offenses
Unlimited celebration of a

In particular, the Department of Combating Smuggling and customs violations of the State Customs Committee held an operational event in Chilanzar district.

During the event, it was discovered that the car "Audi" was delivered to the country by foreign citizen S.N. with the obligation to return it, through the Oybek border post. But lately the car was sold to a citizen C.A. and he was illegally riding the car carrying a different registration number taken from his old car, on his own needs during almost 4 months.

The offender was found to have illegally operated a 105-day on the territory of the country in violation of his obligations and as a result failed to pay customs duties in the amount of 27 million soums.

Currently, customs investigations are underway.


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