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Drugs delivered via international mail did not reach destination
According to the Convention on international mail, sending medicines which have psychotropic substances and drugs in it is strictly prohibited.


Acoording to the Article - 17 of the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On psychotropic substances and narcotic drus" it is not allowed to send psychotropic substance and precursors by mail or international postal sendings.

Nevertheless, there is some citizens trying to send these kind of medicines by international postal sendings.

Recently, the employees of the customs post of foreign economic activity "Bosh pochtamt" had revealed such kind of violation.

In particular, when carrying out customs control of postal items sent to citizens Kh.N. T.A. and A.F., it was found that there were 150 pills containing psychotropic drugs not listed in the customs declaration.

Also, it was also revealed that the mail contained 5 seeds of "marijuana" plant.

Customs authorities are currently investigating these cases.



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