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The illicit trafficking of "Tropicamide" worth almost 1.5 billion soums was stopped In Tashkent.
There are also people who are trying to take advantage of the epidemiological situation and quarantine conditions in Uzbekistan to implement their plans.
The illicit trafficking of

Officers of the Department for Combating Smuggling and Customs Violations, in cooperation with Ministry of internal affairs and State security service, stopped the illicit trafficking of large quantities of potent psychotropic substances.

At the operative event held in Chilanzar district of Tashkent, citizens T.I. and A.B. were found to be illegally storing 7,600 "Tropicamide" drugs in their apartment.

During the operation, two more people involved in the illegal distribution of these drugs to pharmacies - A.J and P.M. were also arrested.

As a result of search operations, medicines worth 1 billion 216 mln. 160,000 soums planned to be secretly distributed in Tashkent were confiscated from offenders.

In another case, in Yunusabad district of Tashkent, "Cobalt" and "Spark" cars were inspected in accordance with the established procedure.

As a result, in the trunk and interior of these cars were found 600 units of "Tropicamide" and 4217 packages of other drugs.
The total cost of these drugs, which do not have quality and customs clearance documents, was 200 million soums.

In another operative event held on the same day, citizen I.O. was stopped while trying to sell 525 units of Tropicamide 52.5 mln. soums.

At present, customs investigations are underway.


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