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Customs Administration of the Khorezm Region

Customs administration of Khorezm region consists of ten departments, nine groups and five customs posts. Two of the post are of first category and others are of second category customs posts. They are Urganch-aeroprt, Dustlik and Shovot border customs posts and customs posts of foreign economic activity post "Urgench" and Khazorasp Free Economic Zone.

Address: 95, J. Manguberdi Street, Urgench city, Khorezm region, near the Tuyamuyun Interregional Water Pipeline Association.

Phone: 8-362-226-93-61

Fax: 8-362-224-59-22

Drug trafficking has been stopped by customs officials

Protecting the security and health of our people is one of the top priorities in these difficult days.


Drugs wrapped in candy wrappers have been exposed

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against drug trafficking.


A passenger coming to Urgench has drugs in his pocket

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against illicit drug trafficking.


In Khorezm, customs officers exposed a citizen who was growing cannabis at home

Combating smuggling and customs audit department of the Khorezm regional customs administration in cooperation with the regional department of ...


Cannabis secretly grown in a house has been revealed

Customs authorities are taking effective measures against offenses, such as illegal store, distribution and sale of drugs.


Drug dealers were caught during special operation

At present, as in all regions of the country, in Khorezm region, law enforcement authorities are conducting special operations ...


Illegal drug trafficking was revealed

A try of Illegal trafficking of drugs was stopped by customs officers.


The persons involved in illegal drug trafficking were seized

The customs authorities systematically combat the illicit trafficking of drugs.


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