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Customs Administration of the Tashkent city

There are six foreign economic activity customs posts and two border customs posts at the Tashkent city Customs Administration. These are the General Post Office, Foreign embassies, Chukursoy, Tashkent-Tovar, Sergeli, Ark-bulak customs posts of foreign economic activity, "Keles" railway border post and "Chukursoy technical service" railway customs post.

Location: Tashkent, 35 Bunyodkor Avenue, Chilanzar subway station, near the Singapore Institute of Management Development

Phone: (378) 120-76-76

Fax: (378) 120-76-74

A delegation of the World Customs Organization visited Tashkent

The State Customs Committee is taking measures to implement the “Roadmap for enhancing the interaction of the Republic of ...


Smugglers attempt to import poor-quality products by train for over 1 billion soums.

The customs authorities systematically carry out measures to combat illicit trafficking of drugs and medical supplies of unknown quality.


357 million soums worth of non declared goods found in trucks

Customs officers timely prevent the facts of illegal movement of goods through the customs borders of our state.


7.2 kg of marijuana was found in a house

Customs officers are systematically fighting illegal drug trafficking.


Drugs delivered via international mail did not reach destination

According to the Convention on international mail, sending medicines which have psychotropic substances and drugs in it is strictly prohibited.


Illegal trafficking of drugs have been revealed

Customs officials, together with representatives of other law enforcement agencies, are engaged in a fight against illegal drug trafficking.


To the attention of business entities registered in Tashkent city!

At present, according to logic control functions set out in the Foreign Trade Operations Single Electronic Information System ...


US experts were introduced with railroad-wagon scanners in Tashkent

On February 27, 2019, Deputy Assistant of the Secretary of State Bureau of Law Enforcement and International drug control, ...


Customs officers revealed psychotropic tablets and heroin hidden underwear

The import of psychotropic medicines for personal use by individuals is allowed in the presence of the documents provided ...


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