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The press conference was held at the State Customs Committee on the measures taken in the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On reforming the customs administration and improving the activities of the State Customs Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan."


Cannabis secretly grown in a house has been revealed Operative news

Customs authorities are taking effective measures against offenses, such as illegal store, distribution and sale of drugs.


Tobacco products worth 36 million soums were flowing in the canal Operative news

Customs authorities are systematically fight against smuggling of tobacco products of unknown quality.


Drugs were found in "Lacetti" Operative news

In order to ensure the peace of the people in our country, the customs authorities are waging a fierce fight against drug trafficking.


Drug dealer didn't get his harvest Operative news

During the quarantine period, many people are spending their free time cultivating fields, engaged in fruit and vegetable growing, gardening and floriculture. It brings more blessings to our home.


A person who had grown 67 bushes of cannabis was arrested Operative news

Addiction to drugs can cause serious damage to human health and ruin his life.


Drug dealers were caught during special operation Operative news

At present, as in all regions of the country, in Khorezm region, law enforcement authorities are conducting special operations against drug smugglers.


A citizen wanted to hide "marijuana" between wall bricks. Operative news

In our country, law enforcement agencies are systematically fight against illegal drug trafficking.


A citizen growing 836 stems of opium drug was arrested Operative news

Despite the fact that drug use has a serious impact on human health, disrupts his life and leads to various crimes, there are still "drug addicts" who grow, consume and trade in drugs.


Customs officers have arrested drug couriers Operative news

The customs authorities are working hard to combat illicit drug trafficking.


Drugs were grown on private land illegally Operative news

These days, the issue of efficient use of private lands is on the agenda and is gaining importance. The reason is simple: if you feed the land, the land will feed you.


A man growing cannabis on the roof of an apartment was arrested Operative news

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against drug trafficking and its cultivation.


Customs officers exposed another drug dealers. Operative news

Today, the measures taken by the state to curb the COVID-19 pandemic in our country require dedication and patriotism from all of us every second.


Laptop bag is not a good place to hide drugs. Operative news

The customs authorities are working hard to combat illicit drug trafficking.


Processes are non stop at the customs post of foreign economic activity "Daryo Port" in the south of the country Spiritual and educational activities

The "coronavirus" pandemic, which shook the whole world, did not bypass our country. In this context, one of the main tasks is to ensure the economic stability of the country by supporting the export and import of goods.


Drug couriers have been arrested Operative news

Customs officers are taking a number of measures to stop illegal drug trafficking.


Illegally stored drugs "Marijuana" and hunting weapons and cartridges were discovered. Operative news

Customs officers are systematically fighting against illegal drug trafficking.


The illicit trafficking of "Tropicamide" worth almost 1.5 billion soums was stopped In Tashkent. Operative news

There are also people who are trying to take advantage of the epidemiological situation and quarantine conditions in Uzbekistan to implement their plans.


Customs officers seized more than 5 kg of drugs. Operative news

Officers of the customs department of the Tashkent region in cooperation with the State Security Service have organized an operation to prevent drug smuggling.


Almost half a kilo of hashish were seized from illegal circulation Operative news

Criminal liability for illegal import and trafficking of drugs is established in our country. In order to prevent such violations, the customs authorities are taken systematic operational measures.


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