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The customs posts' rights expanded
Starting from February 1, 2019, customs authorities were given a number of powers to simplify the procedure of processing of foreign economic activity participants.


These changes were made according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on November 24, 2018 "On additional measures to improve customs administration and increase the effectiveness of the activities of the State Customs Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan" №PD-5582.

In particular, the customs posts have the status of a legal entity and, depending on the tasks assigned to them, receive postings by individuals and legal entities on 24 types of issues and directions in customs clearance and customs clearance, customs examination, inquiry and customs legislation and sign up for relevant correspondence now.

However, physical and legal entity had to apply to the State Customs Committee and its regional offices, previously.

Also, the customs posts are given followings :

modification and additions to the regulated customs cargo declarations for the year of application, reissue (except for graphs affecting customs fees);

modification of electronic form of data transmission (except for information on the goods) of delivery control; Extension of the term of the return of the vehicle, modification in the electronic version;

issuance of a certificate of the carrier's permission to transport goods under customs filling and stamps;

the right to grant the most favored nation regime or restoration of the free trade regime in the case of issuing a certificate of origin

The head of the post may also send correspondence letters to tax authorities with a view to controlling the intended use of the benefits provided by customs payments, brokerage firms, law enforcement agencies and competent authorities, and to send inquiry letters to competent expert organizations.

In order to ensure these rights, the stamps and blanks with the illustration of the State Emblem of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the name of the customs post are put into practice for customs posts.

Legal entities and individuals can obtain full information directly from their customs posts at any point that can be addressed to Customs Officers.



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