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Corruption- is a development destroyer: participation of every citizen and public organizations is necessary in the fight against corruption
Specialized Customs Complex Tashkent-Aero in association with Tashkent State Law University and the Independent Institute for Monitoring the Formation of Civil Society organized a roundtable titled "Corruption- is a development destroyer: participation of every citizen and public organizations is necessary in the fight against corruption".

The main attention was paid to the tasks arising from the report of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M.Mirziyoev at the solemn ceremony on December 7, 2018 dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It should be noted that the program of measures, implemented in cooperation with the competent authorities, is being held in order to prevent corruption and other malicious actions among the members of the customs authority, arising the effectiveness of the preventive measures and the responsibility of the employees.

In particular, the SCC "Tashkent-Aero" carries out a number of work on combating corruption among individuals, maintenance of service discipline and legislation.

Last year, in 2018, individual conversations  with 43 staff members, 30 general preventive activities, 37 meetings and roundtable discussions on prevention of corruption and other ill-treatments were held. The most important tasks are to increase the effectiveness of such events.

Currently, 5 "customs appeal boxes" have been set up at the Tashkent-Aero SCC, Tashkent International Airport named after Islam Karimov, and customs offices of foreign economic activities Avia-Yuklar, in order to boost the work and strengthen preventive measures towards combating corruption.

Opinions and comments left in the boxes allow customs officers, to examine the existing public opinion and participants of foreign economic activity, on their morals and the system in general.

In addition, in order to improve the educational and preventive measures in combating corruption in the customs authorities, sociological surveys are being conducted to prevent corruption among customs officials, participants of the FEA and individuals moving across the customs border.

During the event, the future plans of customs authorities in this field were identified.

In the end, the participants received detailed answers to their questions.



Akhmadjon Orifjanov

Media relations department inspector

of SCC "Tashkent-AERO"


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