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Secretary General of the World Customs Organization Kunio Mikuria is in Uzbekistan
Secretary General of the World Customs Organization Kunio Mikuria visited Uzbekistan on March 5, 2019. The main events of the visit are held on March 6.
Secretary General of the World Customs Organization Kunio Mikuria is in Uzbekistan

Initially a meeting of the high-ranking guest and chairman of the State Customs Committee was held. At the meeting, various issues related to the international cooperation of the customs bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of customs were thoroughly discussed.

Welcoming the Secretary-General's visit to Uzbekistan, the Chairman of the Customs Committee M. Azimov, emphasized that the constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign countries carried out by the President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoev, is also reflected in the customs sphere.

Secretary General K.Mikuria noted that over the past two years, he has been closely monitoring the ongoing customs reforms in Uzbekistan, he noted with admiration, the introduction of a double channel system used by passengers in all international airports while crossing customs border, Risk management system used for customs control of goods and vehicles, actively restoring entry and exit ways with bordered countries, including the re-launch of dozens of border crossing points.

The main focus of the meeting was on further development of Uzbekistan's cooperation with the World Customs Organization and foreign countries in the customs sphere.

Uzbekistan became a member of this authoritative organization, which unites 182 countries around the world on July 28, 1992. Our country is also a member of more than 20 international conventions on customs issues.

It was also discussed, within the framework of the reforms in the customs area, a number of considerable work carried out by the State Customs Committee in the direction of “Customs to Business”, an important principle of the "Trade Assistance and Security Standards" applied by The World Customs Organization worldwide.

In particular, it was noted that in order to develop bilateral trade and create conveniences for citizens, 10 border crossing points along the border with Tajikistan, 2 with Kazakhstan and 55 additional transit corridors were commissioned.

It should be noted that agreements on the establishment of simplified customs corridors for some goods were signed with Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus. In order to strengthen bilateral cooperation between customs services, proposals were made to 22 countries of the world on draft agreements developed by the Customs Service of Uzbekistan.

In order to enhance cooperation between customs services, in 2018, the National Center for Cynology of the State Customs Committee, which has the status of a Regional Training Center of the World Customs Organization, has been conducting two-month free training courses for 15 dog trainers of Tajikistan's Customs Service.



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