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Customs officials also took an active part in the "Day of Career."
At the Job Fair, held at the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov, representatives of the State Customs Committee were among the major companies and organizations.
Customs officials also took an active part in the

At the opening of the event, it was announced that the distribution of the job was started this year to facilitate the effective use and employment of graduates in bachelor's and master's degrees.

Detailed information was provided about the conditions created for the employees of the state customs service, the existing requirements and advantages.

After that the fair went directly to faculties. That is, each faculties held open and sincere dialogues with graduating students this year.


It should be noted that in the current year there are 2343 graduate students in bachelor's and 276 graduate students in master's degrees in the institution. The brochures with detailed information about them were presented to employers during the fair.

The State Customs Committee also spoke about the needs of the graduates and the proposed jobs.

For example, alumni of Biotechnology Engineering faculty can be trained to use, manage and repair modern complexes that scan for freight cars and railroad vagons at border posts.

Students at the Faculty of Electronics and Automation provided detailed information on the information systems introduced in the activities of the State Customs Service. And most importantly, the fact that these systems are developed by our local developers without the overseas orders have been of particular interest to the alumni.

In short, the job fair has increased students' interest in the customs sphere.

Husan Tangriev,
Chief Inspector of Information Service of the State Customs Committee


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