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Significance of information and communication technologies and interactive services introduced in customs bodies in the activities of business entities
As it is known, on May 22, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved the plan of press-conferences on important issues of state and public life in May-June 2019.
Significance of information and communication technologies and interactive services introduced in customs bodies in the activities of business entities

On May 29, 2019, the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan held a press conference on "The role of information and communication technologies and interactive services in the activities of business entities developed in customs bodies".

It was attended by journalists, representatives of mass media, as well as representatives of business entities.

First Deputy Chairman of the State Customs Committee Anvar Asamov gave detailed information on the work carried out in this direction and further tasks.

At present, the introduction of interagency information systems and interactive services in the activities of state customs authorities is one of the most important issues on the agenda.

In particular, today customs clearance procedures have been fully converted into electronic format to reduce the spending of entrepreneurs and documents required for export-import operations, as well as the time spent for customs control and registration. For this purpose, 51 automated information systems and 14 electronic interactive services have been put into practice which controls goods since the moment of entry into the customs border until the customs clearance has been completed.

Business entities now have the right to submit their declarations to the Customs authorities, automatically register them and distribute them without directly addressing the brokers themselves, pursuant to Decree No.605 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 31, 2018 "On further improvement of customs clearance of goods in the electronic form". As a result, the time spent for these operations has dropped by about 30 times on average.

Now entrepreneurs and foreign economic activity participants have the opportunity to pay customs fees in a short time and in a convenient way without going to the bank offices and leaving their offices. That is, the possibility of making customs payments via Click, PAYME or UPAY payment systems.

The call center at short number 11-08 has been launched in the central office of the State Customs Service for the purpose of prompt review of complaints and suggestions of entrepreneurs and citizens.

Interactive services and access to the SCC Web site are absolutely free and are intended for use at any time of the day. At present, the website has been providing an information useful to foreign economic activity participants.

For example, the average time spent on customs clearance of motor vehicles, traveling through the border customs posts of our republic every month, is being announced in the sections of customs posts and motor vehicles (light and freight vehicles, buses).

Moreover, data on average time spent for customs clearance for export and import of goods and means of transport by members of foreign economic activity are also published monthly.

In order to facilitate business entities in the export of fruit and vegetable products, from May 10, 2019, information on Fruit and Vegetable products exported from Uzbekistan is given through the official website of the SCC.

At the press conference it was announced that the State Customs Committee will carry out works on developing a mobile interpretation of more than 10 information systems such as "Single Window", "Register of Authorized Economic Operators", "Customs Register of Intellectual Property Objects" and interactive service "Customs Clearance Acts", electronic control system of  queues of motor vehicles crossing the state border.

At the event, the reporters were provided with detailed information on the measures being taken to provide customs authorities with modern technical means of customs control widely used in the world practice.

Currently, at the Tashkent International Airport named after I.Karimov a human body scanning system for short-term and efficient passage of customs control by passengers is been testing. Within a week after the installation of technical equipment from Belarus, 6 customs violations were detected and illegal transportation of goods and inventory worth 377 mln.UZS had been stopped.

During the conference, journalists received detailed answers to their questions.


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