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There is an irreconcilable attitude towards corruption in the customs system
Presidential decree "On measures to radically improve the activities of the State Customs Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan" of April 12, 2018, clearly stipulates the formation of an uncompromising attitude towards corruption in the customs system, strengthening public confidence and improving mechanisms of social protection and financial incentives for employees of the State Customs Service.

Therefore, the issue of combating corruption in the Customs authorities and the prevention of malfunctions is one of the priorities.

In particular, according to Article 30 of the Law "On anti-corruption", in the first half of this year, anonymous questionings in the customs authorities on 3 directions (participants of foreign economic activity, citizens crossing the customs border, and customs officers) with 3648 respondents were held.

The results of the survey were critically discussed at service meetings of the SCC and the identified problems were eliminated in the spot.

In particular, such activities as rotation in the customs authorities, consideration of the issue of morals, preventive conversations with the aim of improving the environment and prevention of crime by the staff were held regularly.

In addition, the State Customs Committee has been producing and distributing documentary films such as "Betray the oath", "Greed", "Road to Corruption" and "Corruption blackens a face".

In addition, the posters of anti-corruption content were posted on administrative offices and customs posts so that everyone can see. Prepared video materials are regularly displayed on border posts.

But unfortunately some people are trying to share their dirty jobs with customs officials.

For example, in 2018, in four cases, the citizens who offered bribes to customs officials were exposed.

At the same time, more than 50 information systems have been developed and 14 interactive services have been set up by the Customs authorities in combating these incidents.

This, in turn, creates a lot of benefits for entrepreneurs through the automated information systems management of customs clearance.

All these work on the fight against corruption in the system is not to show customs as control authority, but to give it a new status as businessman's close partner.


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