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Within the framework of the "Borderless Friendship" festival, guests from Panjakent visited Samarkand region.
Entrepreneurs, farmers, professors and artists led by the head of Panjikent district of the Republic of Tajikistan visited Urgut district through the Jartepa border post, within the framework of the festival called "Borderless Friendship".
Within the framework of the

More than two thousand people and about 150 vehicles are moving every day through the Jartepa border post. The customs post is equipped with modern x-ray apparatus, video surveillance cameras and technical control equipment to provide fast and quality service to citizens crossing the border. So, we talked to them to find out about the guests' opinions on conditions.

Lukmon Kurbanov,

Editor-in-chief of Zarafshon newspaper in Panjikent region:

Continuing the good traditions of our ancestors, we must strengthen and maintain the friendship of our peoples. Since the opening of borders, we and our colleagues visited Samarkand several times. We got acquainted with the activities of local newspapers and shared our experiences. Of course, cultural and humanitarian ties bring our nations closer. Samarkand's "Voice of Samarkand" newspaper is published in Tajik language. At Samarkand State University there is a faculty of Tajik philology and schools teaching Tajik language. The Tajik National Cultural Center in Uzbekistan and the Uzbek National Cultural Center in Tajikistan unite our people. Such cultural days, mutual visits at exhibitions and conferences make a significant contribution to the development of cultural ties. Today's visit became another symbol of our cooperation.   

Matluba Abdullaeva, 42 years old:

After knowing that the Uzbek-Tajik border was opened, I decided to engage in entrepreneurship. Last March, I crossed the border and went to the Urgut market. At first I was a little frightened. Because I did not know the Uzbek language and the rules of transportation of goods. From time to time, my work went on. Every citizen in Samarkand and customs officers on the border know Tajik. In addition, information contained in the news sections reflecting the rules of import and export of goods in the customs post is also written in Tajik. This will help us to quickly understand the rules. Opening of borders will create favorable conditions for businessmen of the two countries.

Bunyod Sattorov, 50 years old:

Me and my wife came to see our relatives, who has not seen for a long time. The distance between Panjikent and the village where my relatives live is 25-30 kilometers. However, because of the closure of the post, during this time it was necessary to cross over 400 kilometers through the Bekabad border post. For years, I haven't seen my relatives and siblings. All this is behind. Now, just a few minutes walk, and I'm in Samarkand. Passing through the customs control does not take much time. Today, we have been subjected to customs control within just 10 minutes. This is very convenient for passengers. The opening of the border will further strengthen the Uzbek and Tajik people relations.        

Mavlyuda Abdurahmonova, 67 years old:

- Samarkand has always been famous for its sacred places. There are legends in this area. I always wanted to visit the tomb of Khoja Doniyor. It is a respected place by Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

When I first arrived in Samarkand, I was a young girl. My mother had taken my hand and had visited the mausoleum of Khoja Doniyor. My childhood memories are valuable to me. I have the warmest memories with Samarkand. There are very friendly and welcoming people here. I plan to be back and visit the historic sites with my grandchildren.

Otabek Sharipov, 31 years old:

- I came to Samarkand to conclude contracts and develop my business. I have a small textile shop in Tajikistan. I went to Tashkent to get acquainted with the activities of large enterprises in Uzbekistan. In Tashkent, I have friends who told me about the precise aspects of my production and export orientation. Sharing experience, I learned a lot, I saw how my colleagues work. Soon, I will focus on the quality of my products. Moreover, today there are new opportunities, customs privileges and preferences for businessmen of the two countries, which will allow me to implement my plans.

After the meeting, the Tajik guests got acquainted with the exhibition of products produced by local entrepreneurs and national craftsmanship at the Urgut Park. The entrepreneurs of neighborhood regions have reached agreements on mutual cooperation.

After that, a concert by the artists of Urgut and Panjikent districts was performed at the amphitheater.


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