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“Forever prosper, my dear Uzbekistan!”
On August 30, 2019, the State Customs Committee held a solemn event dedicated to the 28th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
“Forever prosper, my dear Uzbekistan!”

The event was attended by the staff of the State Customs Committee, representatives of regional administrations of the State Customs Committee, the city of Tashkent, the specialized customs complex “Tashkent-Aero”, veterans, state-awarded honorary customs officers and representatives of the media.

The event began with the national anthem of our country.

Welcoming the participants, the Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan M. Azimov noted that at a time when our country entered a new stage of national development and democratic renewal of all spheres and sectors, the significance of our independence becomes more valuable.

Indeed, the greatest and most expensive day in all corners of our country - the twenty-eighth anniversary of independence, is widely celebrated under the motto "Forever prosper, my dear Uzbekistan!"

State sovereignty and independence has created truly unprecedented opportunities for our country and people. Only on the basis of independence we were able to create a solid foundation for a free and prosperous life, our great future.

Independence, which was the centuries-old dream of our people, made our country an equal member of the international community and opened a completely new page in the history of our country.

Twenty-eight years - measured by historical criteria, this is a very short period of time. If the scale of development is measured by the achieved goals, then during the period of the renewal and growth phase, we can witness that large-scale work is carried out in all areas of activity.

The twenty-eighth year of our independence was a turning point in the activities of state customs bodies and is included in history as a period of great transformation.

In the framework of the Memorandum signed between the State Customs Committee and the US Department of Energy on the prevention of illicit trafficking in nuclear and other radioactive materials, the State Customs Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan allocated 4 mobile radiation monitoring devices.

As part of the implementation of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.1029 dated December 18, 2018 “On measures to further improve the activities of the National Cynological Center of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, five Damas vehicles were purchased for the National Cynological Center. These vehicles are designed for the simultaneous transportation of 4 dog handlers along with their service dogs. Cars have special enclosures designed to transport service dogs.

The work of customs officers is always worthily awarded by our state. By the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev of August 28, 2019 “On awarding, in connection with the 28th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a group of military and law enforcement officials”, several customs officers were also awarded state awards for their services in improving the combat readiness of the Armed Forces of the country, courage and dedication in the performance of a duty to protect national interests and ensure peace, stability and society order.

In particular, the “Sodiq Khizmatlari Uchun” medal was awarded to Choriev Murodali Baratalievich, the head of the “Boldir railway” border customs post of the Surkhandarya Region of the State Customs Committee;

Fayzullaev Farrukh Sharofovich, deputy head of the department of customs payments of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was awarded the “Shukhrat” medal.

And also, on the basis of the order of the committee, several groups of customs officers, veterans of labor and faithfully doing their duty, who served for many years and showed an example were awarded. A number of employees received regular ranks.


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