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A delegation of the World Customs Organization visited Tashkent
The State Customs Committee is taking measures to implement the “Roadmap for enhancing the interaction of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the World Customs Organization (WCO)”.
A delegation of the World Customs Organization visited Tashkent

As part of the implementation of the Global Trade Facilitation Program, initiated by the World Customs Organization in cooperation with the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, in order to study customs administration a delegation of the World Customs Organization was in Tashkent from February 3 to 12, 2020, consisting of Maria Ortiz Bolivar - Head trade facilitation programs and experts by Luis Montagno Hernandez and Ahmed Niyaz.

This program is aimed at strengthening the organizational and technical capacity of the beneficiary countries, as well as the application of international standards and best practices in the field of trade development.

During the visit, meetings were held with experts from the State Customs Committee and representatives of the involved ministries and departments of the Republic of Uzbekistan, during which issues of customs administration of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including the compliance of national legislation with the requirements of the WTO Agreement on trade facilitation have been discussed.

During the visit, members of the delegation also visited the customs posts of foreign economic activity of the Tashkent Customs Administration "Chukursay", "Ark Bulak" and "Bosh pochtampt".

“Our mission visited Uzbekistan to prepare the framework for the implementation of this program,” said Luis Montagno Hernandez, an expert on trade facilitation. “Our task was to lay the foundation for further cooperation and prepare a work plan for the entire period of this program in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
 I must say that in the course of our work we noted with satisfaction, the progress that the State Customs Committee has made recently, as well as the dynamics and activity that can now be seen in the country's trade relations. A lot of work has been done to introduce best practices, in particular, to introduce various tools of the World Customs Organization into the daily work of the customs authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan. For example, 2 years ago, in the bodies of the State Customs Service of Uzbekistan there were no such concepts as the Risk Management System, Single Window, and Authorized Economic Operators. Now all this is and is actively working. We, in turn, as a result of the implementation of this program will also contribute to the further improvement of the activities of the customs authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan."


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