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Customs authorities are training on resisting "COVID-19"
At present, the Customs authorities, in cooperation with relevant government agencies, are working to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our country.
Customs authorities are training on resisting

In particular, at the "Olot" border post of the Bukhara Regional Customs administration, a special tactical exercise was held to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus.

The event was attended by representatives of the regional customs department, the emergency department, the interior ministry, the Center for Sanitary-Epidemiological control, health departments and other competent authorities and the media.

Participants and observers were introduced with conditional situation when a patient infected with virus entered the Republic of Uzbekistan through a customs border post and actions of state authorities in such situation.

Conducting such special tactical exercises will help prevent the spread of various infectious diseases in our country and prepare for any situation.


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