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Persons involved in drug trafficking have been exposed
The customs authorities are systematically fighting against drug trafficking.
Persons involved in drug trafficking have been exposed

Employees of the customs administration of Khorezm region prevented the illicit trade in drugs.

During the event, citizen M.A. and citizen Sh.Q. were caught with material evidence while selling a marijuana drug weighing 5.75 grams in a matchbox to a conditional buyer for 430,000 soums.

In another case, citizen M.M. was detained while selling to a conditional buyer a marijuana weighing 13.95 grams in 2 matchboxes for 800 thousand soums.

After that, when the residence of citizen M.M. was inspected in the presence of attesting witnesses, it was found that there was a marijuana drug weighing 13.45 grams in a matchbox in the bedroom of the house.

During the event, a total of 33.15 grams of marijuana were seized as material evidence.

A criminal case has been filed in connection with the above cases.


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