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Drug couriers trying to sell more than 2.2 kg of "hashish" were detained
The customs officers of the country put an end to the next customs violation related to drug trafficking.
Drug couriers trying to sell more than 2.2 kg of

As a result of large-scale operational activities carried out by the Main Department for Combating smuggling and customs audit of the State Customs Committee on April 9-15 this year, drug trafficking was stopped.

In particular, during the event in Ortachirchik district of Tashkent region, a "Captiva" vehicle driving by citizen S. was examined and during the inspection 1.07 g. of "hashish" drug were found in it.

After that, the operation had continued in Bekabad, and two more people were detained while selling 492.4 gr. of hashish for $ 5,000 to the citizen S..

In Yukorichirchik district of Tashkent region, a citizen driving Lacetti on the Fergana-Tashkent route was found to have 287.42 grams of hashish.

Also, the operation was continued in Marhamat district of Andijan region, where a man selling 497.77 gr. of hashish for $ 3,700 was also arrested at the scene.

In the operative event held in Sayhunabad district of Syrdarya region, two citizens were detained with 505.32 gr. of hashish in pockets.

The last stage of the operation was continued in the city of Ahangaron, Tashkent region. It was revealed that the drug "hashish" was stored in a house of a citizen A.

Thus, as a result of this large-scale operation in Tashkent, Andijan and Syrdarya regions, more than 2 kg 230 grams of hashish were seized and criminal proceedings were instituted.


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