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Attempts to bring in counterfeit currencies were prevented by customs officers.
Attempts to smuggle counterfeit currency into the country by air were recently stopped by officers of the Combating smuggling and customs audit department of the "Tashkent-AERO" specialized customs complex.
Attempts to bring in counterfeit currencies were prevented by customs officers.

At the Tashkent airport, one of the passengers on the "Istanbul-Almaty-Tashkent" attracted the attention of customs officials.

After that, when the luggage of this person was inspected in the prescribed manner, it was found that among the towels in the luggage there was a cash foreign currency in the amount of $ 5,000. However, the authenticity of these currencies has raised doubts among customs officials. All the banknotes that seemed real at first glance were counterfeit, as confirmed by a currency detector that specializes in detecting counterfeit banknotes. Interestingly, the serial numbers were also the same on most of the banknotes.

On the same day, the operation was continued in the parking lot of the international airport and in Yashnabad district, where a number of people who were supposed to receive and deliver these counterfeit currencies were arrested.

A search of a Lacetti vehicle driven by one of them turned up another $ 5,000 under the front passenger seat.

Finally, in a quick operation in the Yunusabad district of the capital, the real owner of these counterfeit currencies was caught while receiving them.

Fake dollars have now been seized as material evidence and a criminal case has been launched.


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