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Illegal import of 1168 dental instruments has been stopped
Illegal import of 1168 dental instruments has been stopped
According to the current rules, the import and export of medical devices without state registration and without customs clearance is allowed in an amount of not more than 5 units. However, another fact was revealed at Tashkent International Airport on non-compliance by one of the passengers with the established restrictions.

Сифати кафолатланмаган 1168 дона тиббиёт воситаларини олиб кириш режаси фош этилди

The employees of the customs post of the specialized customs complex “Tashkent-AERO” were suspicious of the nervous behavior of one of the passengers who arrived from abroad.

As a result of customs control carried out in the established manner, with the participation of a witnesses, 1,168 units of medical devices used in dentistry that were hidden from customs control and were not declared during oral interviews with customs were discovered in the luggage of a citizen.

Currently, customs checks are being carried out on the fact of violation.


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