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Customs Adminstration of the Bukhara region

Currently, the customs administration of Bukhara region has 10 departments and 8 groups. The total number of staff is 272. There are eight posts in the administration, five of which are Foreign Economic Activity posts and three border customs posts. These are Alat, Khujadavlat, Bukhara-Airport border customs posts and Kagan, Bukhara, Qorovulbozor, Gijduvan and Karakul  Foreign Economic Activity  posts.

Reception of physicals and legal entities and their representatives is carried out from Monday to Saturday.

Address of administration: Bukhara city, B. Nakhshband street, 352.

You can get to the office by public transport on bus #100.

Customs officers seized 1.6 kilograms of the drug

The customs authorities are systematically working against drug trafficking.


The plan to smuggle a Toyota Tundra has failed.

Attempts to evade payment of customs duties are timely eliminated by the customs authorities.


Illegal drug trafficking has been revealed

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against illegal drug trafficking.


The plan for the clandestine delivery of drugs has been failed

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against the illegal storage and transportation of drugs of non-guaranteed quality and have ...


Customs officers have arrested drug couriers

The customs authorities are working hard to combat illicit drug trafficking.


Those who tried to get the privilege of 965 million soums illegally have been exposed

The customs authorities have revealed the violations of the law by attempting to get illegal privileges by misrepresenting the ...


Customs officers detained a person trying to sell unusual chocolate.

Customs officers of Uzbekistan carry out a number of measures to suppress illicit drug trafficking.


Illegal import of ozone-depleting substances has been prevented in Bukhara region.

The customs authorities effectively fight against customs offenses.


Illegal import of 1320 liters of diesel fuel has been stopped.

Customs officers regularly take measures to prevent illegal import of fuels and lubricants.


Customs authorities are training on resisting "COVID-19"

At present, the Customs authorities, in cooperation with relevant government agencies, are working to prevent the spread of the ...


The plan to get privileges for 4 billion UZS for importing the old crane has failed

The customs authorities have uncovered attempts to misrepresent the year of manufacture of imported equipment from foreign countries, as ...


Customs officers revealed the fact of illegal import of more than 8 tons of kiwi fruit.

The other day, during the operational event held by the employees of the Alat border customs post in the ...


Operational event held to prevent illegal drug trafficking in Bukhara

Customs authorities continue to fight against drug trafficking


Cannabis in greenhouse

Customs officers are effectively fighting the illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs.


Hucksters were caught on time

The Bukhara Regional Customs administration, in cooperation with other law enforcement officials, held an emergency response to drug trafficking.


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