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Customs Administration of the Fergana Region

Since October 1988, customs post "Fergana" has been established under the Tashkent customs office within the customs service of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Since November 1992, the customs administration of the region acts as a territorial structural subdivision of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan. According to the Decision  the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan  No.2208 dated July 14, 2014 "On amendments and additions to the Resolution August 10, 2011 #PD-1595 On additional measures on improving the effectiveness and improving the functioning of the customs service", in Ferghana region customs administration seven first category and seven second category customs posts had been set. Nine of them are border customs posts and other five are foreign trade activities customs posts.

Drug trafficking has been prevented in Fergana

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against drug trafficking.


Customs officers seized a potent drug Tramadol from a citizen who tried to smuggle it across the customs border

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against drug trafficking.


Hidden marijuana was uncovered

Customs authorities are systematically fighting against illicit drug trafficking.


The confidence expressed was not justified

We cannot say that the opportunities provided by the state to entrepreneurs in the customs system are used by ...


An attempt to smuggle 1.1 million pyrotechnics has been uncovered

As the New Year approaches, smuggling, transportation across the border and sales of pyrotechnics are increasing. In this regard, ...


Attempt to traffic 28 thousand units of psychotropic drugs illegally had been prevented.

As you know, the use of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, the sale of which is limited on the ...


Customs officers detained the man who tied up about 2 kilos of hashish on his body

Recently, at the "Andarkhan" border customs post of the Customs Administration of Ferghana region, it was revealed a case ...


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