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Customs Administration of the Jizzakh Region

The Jizzakh Regional Customs Administration was established by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 245 on September 26,1991. There are 6 departments and 7 groups in the organizational structure. There are three customs posts. In particular, there are “Jizzakh” foreign economic activity customs post, and border customs posts "Qo'shkent" and "Uchturgon".

A man illegally selling mercury for $ 17,500 has been stopped.

Customs officers are fighting hard against the illicit trafficking of mercury, which is considered a high risk for any ...


The sale of medicines of guaranteed quality has been stopped by customs officers

Human health is above all. When we get sick, we often go to pharmacies and buy medicines as we ...


In Jizzakh, customs officers detained persons attempting to smuggle marijuana weighed about 409 gr.

It is well known that drugs are a threat to human health and life. It is not accidental that ...


A citizen was detained while trying to smuggle more than $ 100,000

The customs authorities promptly prevent the facts of offenses related to the export of cash foreign currency through the ...


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