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Customs Administration of the Navoi region

There are five customs posts in customs administration of Navoi region, four of which are foreign economic activity and one customs border post.

They are Tinchlik, Navoi Industrial, Zarafshan and Navoi foreign economic activity and "Navoi-airport" border posts.

Address: Navoi city 176a, Galaba Avenue,  near The Navoi Railway Station, located near the Navoi Regional Bureau of Mandatory Execution Bureau

Schedule of acceptance of individuals and representatives of legal entities by the leadership of the customs administration




Reception days


Head of administration

Kutlimuratov Bakhodir Abdullaevich

Monday, Thursday


Fisrt deputy head

Choriev Miroli Bakhtiyarovich

Thuesday, Friday


Deputy head

Barakaev Muzaffar Mansurovich

Wednesday, Saturday



Drugs were hidden in a barber shop.

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against drug trafficking.


Drugs of unguaranteed quality hidden inside the pillow were revealed at customs post

Pillows sent by courier shipments to Navoi International Airport attracted the attention of customs officers.


What were the goods actually shown as kitchen knives?

Systematic work is being carried out by the customs authorities to identify illegal goods moving across the customs border.


A person who had grown 67 bushes of cannabis was arrested

Addiction to drugs can cause serious damage to human health and ruin his life.


The illegal sale of drugs has been revealed

The Customs authorities are systematically working to combat the illicit trafficking of drugs.


Matchboxes with marijuana seized from resident of Navoi region

As you know, the illegal import of narcotic substances, cultivation, as well as their illicit trafficking are strictly prohibited ...


A citizen who kept at home about 190 grams of marijuana has been detained

The fight against the illicit movement of narcotic substances is always acute for customs. In this regard, the state ...


Drugs hidden in foreign currency were detected by customs officials

Customs officers in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies are effectively combating illicit drug trafficking.


"Marijuana" instead matches.

Customs officials, together with representatives of other law enforcement agencies, are effectively fight against illicit drug trafficking.


Illegal trafficking of drugs have been stopped

Customs authorities are effectively fighting against illicit drug trafficking.


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