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Customs Administration of the Samarkand Region

The customs administration of Samarkand region was established on August 10, 1992.

There are customs border posts “Samarkand Airport” and “Jartepa”, customs posts of Foreign Economic Activity “Samarkand” and “Ulugbek”.(FEA)

The total number of FEA participants engaged in export-import operations through Samarkand region  customs posts is 1,122.

Nowadays, there are 22 "open" and 10 "closed" types of customs warehouses in the region. In these customs warehouses, there are all conditions for storage of the goods belonging to entrepreneurs till their release to the free circulation.

There are 26 brokerage firms in the region. Export cooperation with more than 35 countries - Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Tajikistan and Iraq - settled down by entrepreneurs using all facilities set for export operations in customs area.


Goods for export were transported by railway 54,194,13 tons and 84,053,39 tons in motor vehicles.

There are also 11 parkings on the territory of the region, intended for parking of foreign cars.


In pursuance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 5, 2016 # PD-4848 at the Customs Administration of Samarkand region from November 26, 2016 The Council of public consulting, with participation of representatives of business entities and entrepreneurship associations, has been established for consideration and timely elimination of problematic issues between business entities and customs authorities, support entrepreneurship, protection of rights and interests, and for the purpose of improvement customs regulations.

The sale of more than 1 kilogram of marijuana has been prevented

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against drug trafficking.


The person carrying 200 gr. of opium was arrested.

Drug addiction is one of the evils that plagues humanity today and leads families and society to destruction.


The drug courier's plan came to naught

During a number of urgent measures taken by the customs authorities, drug trafficking is being stopped.


Illegally stored drugs "Marijuana" and hunting weapons and cartridges were discovered.

Customs officers are systematically fighting against illegal drug trafficking.


The drug dealer was revealed

The customs authorities systematically take measures to prevent the illegal storage, sale, distribution and consumption of narcotics.


Within the framework of the "Borderless Friendship" festival, guests from Panjakent visited Samarkand region.

Entrepreneurs, farmers, professors and artists led by the head of Panjikent district of the Republic of Tajikistan visited Urgut ...


An attempt to sell drugs has been prevented in Samarkand

Recently, a joint operational event was held by employees of the Anti-Smuggling and Customs Offenses Department of the SCC ...


Samarkand hosted a meeting of the Interadministrational Mobile Group

The Samarkand Regional Customs Office held a meeting of The Interadministrational Mobile Group, organized in Samarkand region, by the ...


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