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Customs Administration of the Tashkent Region

Address: Tashkent city, Darxon Tepa street, 7-A. Postal code: 100052

Phone: (371) 120-86-10, (371) 235-07-61

Fax: (371) 120-86-11

Tashkent painting plant


The total area of ​​Tashkent region is 15,25 thousand km2.

Territory of Tashkent region borders with Kazakhstan in the north, Tajikistan with south-east and Kyrgyz Republic in the east with a total length of 803.8 km 

In the customs department of Tashkent region, there are five out of category, eight the first category,and one the second category customs posts.

International Customs posts are- Gishtkuprik Border Customs Complex, Yallama and Oybek border customs post

Customs posts with two-sided status: "Navoi", "S.Najimov", "Farkhad" customs posts.

Railway: "Uzbekistan" and "Bekabad" railway customs posts.

Passangers, goods and means of transport coming from third countries, which are mainly non-border countries, as well as transit moving through the customs border are subject to customs control on international cutoms posts and railway border posts of the Tashkent region.

On the average day the customs post of the Tashkent regional administration conducts customs control and registration of 15-16 thousand citizens, 300-400 vehicles and more than 400 transit cargoes.

Modern automated information systems and control-technical means are being effectively used to simplify customs clearance procedures, create favorable conditions for entrepreneurs.

"Yallama", "Oybek", "S.Najimov" and "Navoi" customs posts have been provided with mobile inspection complexes, which carry out control over modern large volumes of cargo, through foreign grants.

With the purpose of providing customs authorities with modern technical equipment and implementation of advanced information and communication technologies, 4  inspection complexes for customs control of cargo transportations, 26 radiation portal monitors, and creation of favorable conditions for citizens, time saving, control for the purpose of accelerating the process and improving its efficiency, more than 30 X-ray machines, precious metal products analyzers are bought.

Special attention is paid to the smuggling of weapons, ammunition, explosives and narcotics, various materials of international terrorism and religious extremism, historical, cultural, national values ​​and illicit trafficking of goods at customs posts.

There are 190 industrial enterprises, 160 joint ventures, more than 20 thousand small business and private entrepreneurships in the region. All the necessary conditions have been created for them to execute export-import operations in electronic or paper form at the customs offices of foreign economic activity.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 13, 2012 No. PD-4436 "On the establishment of the Angren Special Industrial Zone", the customs office "Angren" has all the facilities for the customs control and registration of the burden of enterprises and organizations in the industrial zone.

1,054.94 grams of "marijuana" were found during a special operation.

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against the smuggling and illicit trafficking of drugs.


Attempt to smuggle jewelry has failed

Attempts to smuggle jewelry into the country in order to evade customs duties are being systematically combated by the ...


Illegal sale of medicines worth 200 million soums has failed

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against the illicit trafficking of unsafe medicines.


510 gr of jewelry made of gold were hidden under a fur coat and socks

The customs officers of the country continue to take measures to prevent the smuggling of gold across the customs ...


Customs officers uncovered "marijuana" hidden under the wagon

Despite the fact that our country is taking drastic measures against drug trafficking and consumption, it is unfortunate that ...


Customs officers put an end to the illegal sale of drugs worth about 56 mln. UZS

The illegal actions of those who tried to take advantage of the people's need for medicines in order to ...


The illicit trafficking of drugs worth 112 million soums was stopped

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against the illicit trafficking of medicines of unknown quality.


An attempt to smuggle $ 29,000 was exposed

The customs authorities are systematically fighting against the illegal export of cash foreign currency from our country.


A secret workshop producing medicines were revealed in Tashkent

Customs officers of the Tashkent regional customs administration stopped citizens seeking illegal income.


Customs officers put an end to the illicit trafficking of 273.49 grams of drugs

The customs authorities are systematically taking urgent measures against drug trafficking.


192 grams of "heroin" were hidden in a car.

It is no secret that drug addiction is a serious and global problem today as well as a threat ...


Nearly 751 gr. of hashish was in a package thrown out of a car window.

Customs officers revealed another case of drug trafficking.


The illicit trafficking of 2,570 pieces of unsecured virus blockers has been stopped

At a time when our people is fighting the pandemic with all its might, there are still unfortunate citizens ...


Tobacco products worth 36 million soums were flowing in the canal

Customs authorities are systematically fight against smuggling of tobacco products of unknown quality.


Drug couriers have been arrested

Customs officers are taking a number of measures to stop illegal drug trafficking.


Customs officers seized medicines of unknown quality worth 2.4 billion soums transported on four cars.

Customs authorities are systematically fighting the illegal trade of unsecured products.


Customs officers stopped animal smugglers trying to take out of country seven monkeys

The actions of those who try to put their interests ahead of all things and violate customs rules are ...


What was hidden in the wagon shelves?

Customs authorities are systematically fighting against illegal drug trafficking.


Illegal circulation of goods for 1 billion 20 million sums was stopped

Customs officers timely suppress the facts of illegal import through customs borders into the territory of our state.


The "marijuana" was hidden between train wheels

Customs authorities are systematically fighting the illicit trafficking of drugs.


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